Engineering Geomorphology Collection.
The Foundation recognizes that this area of professional practice has an unusually strong bearing on the health and welfare of the public and that, further, national research funds for the Applied Earth Sciences largely are consumed in pursuit of advances in the understanding of earthquake propagation, recurrence and character of ground motion, all to be advanced by outstanding work by practitioners in the Applied Earth Sciences.

Geology in Public Policy Topics Collection
Geologic philosophy, findings and interpretations often represent the core truths of how society is impacted by geologic conditions existing everywhere human beings occupy the land. Generally speaking, society reacts to adversity in the form of geologic conditions, by creation of government controls of one nature or another. Much can be learned from successful applications of geologic information, worldwide, and often “lessons learned” from these applications can be considered and applied, with appropriate modification, to other world regions, down to city-sized units of government.

Topics Applied to Engineered Works, Resource Recovery, Mitigation of Environmental Hazards and Remediation of Hazardous Waste
Site Characterization constitutes the raison d’être or most fundamental reason or premise for the existence of the practice of Engineering Geology. Within this collection are materials relating to the philosophy of exploration and description of places (sites) where engineered works are to be constructed or where environmental mitigations or restoration activities will be conducted. The process of site characterization employs virtually all other elements of Engineering and Environmental Geology. The collection is populated with materials that will assist the individual practitioner in developing their own personal philosophy of planning, formulating, conducting, evaluating, interpreting and delivering the geological specifications of and for site conditions, as the essential scientific inputs to engineered design.

Special Topics Collection
The utility of professional geologic involvement in helping society deal with geologic constraints (natural conditions of some adverse nature to public health, safety or welfare) is enhanced whenever and wherever practitioners in the Applied Earth Science are able to effectively communicate their knowledge to public policy makers, public officials, planning and zoning officials, the general public, and to members of the allied
professions in the Applied Earth Sciences.

Transportation Geology Collection
Transportation Geology encompasses specialized site characterization information, as well as the various trouble-shooting techniques required to maintain transportation systems in a functional manner.

Water is represented in this COLLECTION from the standpoint of a most important resource by which Engineering Geology and its sub-discipline Hydrogeology, serve to “specify” (as opposed to the Engineer’s role of “design) the geological conditions under which water is to be found as a resource or by way of its recovery for use by people. Includes applications to support all manner of engineered works to collect, store, convey and distribute water as a resource of in the lives of people. Note: This Collection does not deal with Flood Mitigation, Water Quality or Environmental Protection applications of Engineering Geologic input.