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The more I analyze business websites the more I realize that people generally do not realize the potential power contained therein.

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Here is the story.

Individual(s) develope a business format, complete with a marketing plan and a token website thrown into the mix to let people know they are seriously in business.

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Did they develop a Marketing plan?

No, they didn’t!

Why? Because the Website so loosely thrown into the mix, IS, the Marketing Plan.


They overlooked the amazing potential of the website.

It did not occur to them that by being ranked #1, 2 or 3 on the 1st page of Google actually meant something. It meant they would get 90% of the traffic looking for the search terms of the business niche.

The other aspect of the oversight is they did not know how to get ranked on page 1.

Websites ranking on Google can qualify and quantify the volumes of business coming in through the front door or purchasing from the site itself.

The other amazing part of all of this is the incredible flexibility of working a website. One can target market so much easier and to a larger audience very easily. A business can track his traffic with incredible accuracy and flexibility.

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Now the business owner is much more in the driver’s seat, because of digital technology. The website is literally digitally pushed through the web pages to rank.

Why any business would invest in having a few salespeople try to operate a Marketing department is old school and a less effective use of money.

Salespeople are now the ones sitting in the office receiving phone calls from people that have just visited the website.

The staff is now trained to accommodate the targeted traffic that is calling you instead of you calling them to pry a business from. This is a much more effective marketing plan that trying to appeal to a limited target audience.

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