AEG News
Rock art was produced by a number of prehistoric and historic peoples over thousands of years. A big game hunting people, known as Paleo-Indians, are considered to be the first human settlers in the Moab, Utah region. Their game included now extinct Pleistocene mammoths and mastodons. Like those who created their history as seen in rock art near Moab, this library creates a written history of the Association of Engineering Geologists as seen through newsletters.

Annual Reports Collection
This collection is made up of a series of the Annual Report on the International Status of Engineering Geology, as a means of establishing the nature and trends of practice on a yearly basis. The series originally was invited (1993) by the two Co-Editors of the journal Engineering Geology (Amsterdam). The series ran for a decade and then was canceled by the two newly-appointed Co-Editors, in its 11th year. The five worldwide authors have continued to compile the report on a continuing annual basis and these reports are now found in this Internet Library Collection.

Choosing a College or University
Choice of a campus offering degree work applicable to our practice is a far more difficult decision than many prospective undergraduates may realize, to their horror (!). GLAT was established by practitioners of in the Geosciences and these people have met and dealt with the same decisions and are eager to pass along what they have learned, and, in some cases, wish they had known at an earlier stage. This page is offered as a means of selecting a campus that has proven attuned to preparing graduates for meaningful practice in the various disciplines in which we practice.

Discussion Forums
Active discussions can be generated by a proponent Curator, and conducted so as to leave a permanent written record of the mood and substance of the professions making up the Applied Earth Sciences, in connection with topical concerns of the times. Each broad topic of interest will be under the overall direction of an individual Curator.

Websites of Interest Collection
The Foundation fully recognizes the huge worth of the Internet, at large, in transmitting useful information for many areas and disciplines within the Applied Earth Sciences. Our Websites of Interest ‘page’ will gain some degree of subdivision as the collection of nominated internet links is assembled.