Academic Preparation Collection
This collection encompasses papers and other documents that demonstrate how Engineering Geologists and the allied professions of the Applied Earth Sciences actually are trained at colleges and universities. Seldom is there a comfortable agreement between university administrators and their faculty members, as well as with the body of practitioners. In this collection, we hope to identify and place evidence of how both camps have influenced the preparation of practitioners.

Elements of Practice
The Library considers the Elements of Practice to encompass actual concerns and issues that are seen to be of importance to the manner in which the professions and practitioners of the Applied Earth Sciences are facing in fulfilling their roles of serving society.

Regulatory Aspects of the Profession
Society has come to exercise some form control over the outcome of effects of geologic conditions upon public health and safety, through Regulations developed by government agencies to meet the intent of so-called protective Legislation. It stands to reason that literally any public facility constructed in or on the land, should have the maximum feasible involvement of geologic talent, in order that fatal flaws do not go overlooked as the most important of all design-related inputs to public-protection design and mitigation.

Technical Data Sheets Collection
This Collection will follow the general example of the AGI (American Geological Institute) loose-leaf Data Sheets, first published in 1957. Contributors are asked for submittal of any form of tabulated or graphic information that they have found useful in carrying out repetitive or topical geologic evaluation, interpretation or assessment. Refer to the AGI publication for ideas of what might be useful to fellow practitioners.