Benchmark Papers Collection
“Benchmark” papers is a concept that came to prominence in the early 1970s, when the publishing house of Dowden, Hutchison & Ross of Stroudsburg, PA organized a series of hardbound books, each focused on a collection of substantial, previously-published technical geologic papers, selected by volume-editors. Prominent among the editors was Prof. Dr. Donald R. Coates, of the SUNY-Binghamton, who brought fourth the first three volumes of the overall series, entitled Environmental Geomorphology and Landscape Conservation 1972-1973). Eventually, the series produced more than 69 volumes of titles generally within the applied geosciences. The AEG Library adopts the “Benchmark” philosophy by seeking and posting such worthy individual papers as are nominated by the Curator, as identified.

Historical Documents Collection
Massive investments in geologic talent, time and personal sacrifice, are abundant and far too valuable to be forgotten as time passes. The Foundation intends for this Collection to serve as a watchdog against the grievous loss or misplacement of certain published or unpublished documents that contain valuable records of how the professions in the Applied Earth Sciences can meet their obligations to improve life on the planet through application of practical geologic knowledge.