Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Field Workers


As geologists we are often required to go out into the field to survey potential sites, and that at times may take us into unlikely places that require some degree of physical exertion.

Because we sit in office’s a good degree of our time, our muscles weaken and our skeletal frame many even shift out of place. Then with abounding exuberance we go trundling through the wilderness climbing over logs, rocks, sliding down slopes to reach our prized locations. The problem with this is we feel the aches and pains the next day and for days or weeks after.

Dr. Reviewing spine with patient

A great way to alleviate much pain and suffering is to participate in a massage, physiotherapy or My Surrey Chiropractic Treatment Program to counter the aches and pains and to keep your body flexible to endure the rigors of trundling around the wilderness.

The benefits will be advantageous on many fronts as you will gain better posture for your office work and suffer less as a result. Your body will be tuned to be able to take the physical exertions needed to climb over objects. Your spine will be more flexible, your eyesight may be improved thus you may be able to recognize potential hazards sooner. Your spine is critical to the health and welfare of your body, so participating in spinal stimulation can improve your muscular and internal organ health as well.

Lady recieving chiro treatment

Keep your weight down and maintain a healthy diet that is full of vitamins and minerals, low on saturated fats.

Regular exercise and physiotherapy and chiropractic care can reduce incidents of injury because your body will be stronger at its core, providing more strength and agility.

Article provided by Surrey Family Chiropractic & Massage