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This Geoscience Library of Applied Technology is dedicated to the many men and women who have watched over the years, perhaps with some trepidation, as a wealth of practical knowledge pertaining to the core workings of this noble profession was lost or threatened with the passing of individual practitioners, their personal journals, articles, photos and field notes. These are often the foundational “Knowledge Base” materials of our trade that may not have qualified as candidates for inclusion in any of our formal journal publications, and yet to suffer their loss would be a historical travesty. These informal, “from the trenches” teachings of our peers will always serve to complement the knowledge gained via formal research and our traditional educational systems and to remind us that we all can rise higher when we stand upon the broad shoulders of those who have trod these paths before us.

Our Mission Statement:
It is the goal of the Geoscience Library of Applied Technology to create and maintain a central source of materials held to be essential to the practice of Engineering Geology and its sister disciplines in the Applied Geosciences. It is our wish that these materials to be made accessible to the peoples of the Earth and for all qualified members of the profession and to be able to openly participate in the creation and dissemination such information as is held to be essential to conduct of the profession.